Beers of the World

To put together a collection of all the great beers of the world is no mean feat, but here you will find exactly that. Whether you are lager lover, or a bitter man, or somebody whose favourite tipple is a hearty stout, you will find the finest selection of beers from around the world all in one place.

Beer may seem, to the uneducated, the simplest of beverages when in fact there is a vast range of both tastes and aromas that set beers from different countries apart from any other. There are certain ingredients that make a beer synonymous with a particular location, and connoisseurs take great delight in sampling these beers and naming them thanks to taste and their ability to ascertain the ingredients.

There are many organisations whose members have long standing love affairs with beers from around the world, and they travel to festivals all over the country to both indulge in their favourites and sample the seemingly constant influx of new beers. You can now do this from the comfort of your home and don’t even have to leave your sofa to try these great beers yourself.

Due to the diversity of the cultures that belong to Europe, there are more beers from this continent that any other. Every country has a beer that, on hearing its name, you instantly link to where it originated, Pilsner and the Czech republic being just one example. German beers are well known throughout the world and famous Munich beerfest is one of the events that is in every beer lover’s diary.

French beers lagged behind their European neighbours for years, and at one time you only had the choice of their blonde beers. Now there are several varieties that have crossed the channel and taken their place amongst the best beers of Europe. Scandinavia in another area that has produced many great beers over the years, and to this day the cold, crisp tastes of their beers are enjoyed across the world.

Further afield, Turkish and Greece specialise in lager beers that are a perfect compliment to the respective cuisines. Effes and Mythos are mostly likely the ones you have tried when holiday there, and they too have made the trip west to be enjoyed at home.

Britain has so many beers from different regions, from Newcastle Brown Ale in the north to Potion No.9 in the south west, that is has been estimated it would take 200 years to travel the country tasting them all one at a time. Then again, you can sit at home and order them from us, saving you both time and money.

Add into the mix the beers from Africa, America, South America and Asia and you begin to get the idea as to how big the choice of beers from around the world is. So whether you want to recapture holiday memories, get reacquainted with an old favourite, or give your taste buds a new treat, peruse the beers available here and get set for a taste sensation.

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